"Love Jihad" - Rahul Easwar on CNN-IBN Debate

(This is Cnn - Ibn's Video Material : Courtesy : CNN - IBN) CNN-IBN debate on "Love Jihad". Kerala High Court points out that about 4000 girls got converted in the last 4 years. There are funds from Saudi Arabia for these Jihadis who are trying to destroy the lives of girls. These Jihadis are defaming our Muslim Community, casting doubt on Muslim Youth, spoiling Christian and Hindu girls. Let us oppose this together, Let all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Indians come together and oppose this new form of Terrorism. Vandee Mataram
Author:Rahul Easwar

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arai ya kun sa jihad hai ....................hehehehe ´╗┐sameer sam
Brother Rahul, now can you explain about who made the love jihad... you must replay for this..´╗┐shoukath ali
Woh log aek girl convert nahi kar rahe....uske sath honewali saari peedhi , usko honewali saari santaane convert ho jayengi...come on Hindus this is question on our existence...´╗┐Tejas Jani
now what is the truth is love jihad made my rss this islam is best that way tomuch anmies ´╗┐Shurafuddin Abdul Rahman
These Love Jihadists must be sent to death under their sharia law. Kerala is now a terrorism hub as per NIA reports. Knowingly government allows the explosive situation.´╗┐Suresh M
Rahul is an awesome acting in Malayali House of Surya TV ...he gets great future ´╗┐Faizy Mohammed
hindu parents must read and teach satyarthaprakash of rishi dayanand [arya samaj] to learn dharma.´╗┐Yashwant Mehta
CNN-IBN debate on "Love Jihad". Kerala High Court points out that about 4000 girls got converted in the last 4 years. There are funds from Saudi Arabia.´╗┐Kishore Kar
By saying "Court does not tell anything in this matter " does mean the worst incendent does happen. For state order safty, Some Higher official dsnt Record this Matter in the report.. A incident happen in India few years back,A proffessor wrote Abusivly About Our Prophet Muhammed (sal), A gang went and Cut that Profferssor's Finger. Even this matter does not come in public, Court doesnt say anything... Does it mean this incident doesnt happen?? No. Ashraf Ali Khan
Converted and abandoned? Ludicrous. Is that a jungle that these "innocent" girls were "abandoned" in? As if these very hoodlum Muslim boys continue to hold their victims at "Love-gun" point? How ridiculous is this Rahul? The women cannot go back to their religion? Where were the parents when all this was happening? Is this index of their adherence to their religion, family values that they could be so easily lured away from? Why did not the women say no? This bunch of Hindus are laughable hatersSanaulla Mohammed Nazrulla
consquence of moghul rule for 500 yrskashsoldier
rahul go ahead...good workNandakumar Nandu
his frnd is not a muslim...muslim cant marry a kafir..can marry xtian girls w/o convertinchris37104
Police and higher officials its self Hidied tis matter to Avoid Clash Between people.... We no need to Argue this matter again.... If our Court doesnt punish them for their horrble act, I strongly belive they will be Caught in AAHIRA Ashraf Ali Khan
There are 1000s of fake encounters around our country ... did all the people who involved in fake encounters got punished by court ? No... even there r lots of human right riports against this encounters.. Our police n political people will create ,edit the case as if nothing happen... May be our government itself hided this incident to safe state order , or to avoid any clash .... that is for a good reason.. But if You hiding this worst incident for the sake of RSS , its very bad .....Ashraf Ali Khan
Rahul did well? Saying "abandoned"? How can any one force an adult? Only weak can succumb not educated one. It is bunkum what Rahul says. Are these women such illiterates? As the lady says they are MBAs, well educated. How could these women say yes to conversion? Even if they did, why cannot they go back if they do not like it or felt "abandoned"? This so called "abandoned" has been happening from long time and happens and would continue to happen in all religions all the time. Why the fuss?Sanaulla Mohammed Nazrulla
"It is Spirituality". Religion and Spirituality are two different things you fool. Islam is arabic cult tought by mulims to be last truth.fakeeminem2k6
Pro Hardliners like u Brother, bring a bad name to Religion of Islam. There are many converting to Christianity, to Hinduism, to Atheism, To Islam, To any ideology. That doesnt mean anything. Insha Allah, u will understand that RELIGION is not Politics or Marketing or Number Games. It is Spirituality not people increasingRahul Easwar
Are you telling "Tehelka sting operation" video is fake ? on the video Suresh Dedawala talking to Bajarangi about slitting the belly of a pregnant Muslim woman and killing the featus with sword ,is fake ? Are the Human Right riport is Fake ?Ashraf Ali Khan
great leaderPravin Kumar
Love is greater than Religion. 2 people of different religion can fall in love, marry and respect each others religion. ofcourse Extremists cant do that. They believe God has a particular queue for them in heaven. God belongs to all religions and all religions belong to god. Insha Allah, may that common sense dawn on everyone , Jai HindRahul Easwar
If its the case of true love then I would say there is nothing wrong in converting. But abandoning after conversion is really not the best of justice and just spoils the name of Islam. My prophet (SAW) 's message to me was to spread the knowledge that I possess and not force my knowledge on people and make em accept it. But I do not like the interpretation of the word jihad in this context.This is not jihad at all and I do not agree to that moron who said this is the face of new terrorism.JUNAED SHAFI AHAMED
extremist ...robin mathew
list will probably make sense, some stuff is non sense. but most are valid .Watch 1. The invisible empire 2. Occupation 101 3. Material on the Iranian Coup detat 1953 of Mosadegh 4. Fabled Enemies 5. Loose Change. 6. Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman 7. Watch videos on how to destabilize economies legally 8. Read up about AIPAC, and read The Israel lobby and US foreign Policy These are just somethings out of the many more that will give you a basic idea of how things really are , and whyhackfare1
prawo jazdy wroclaw,